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Any tongue would urge for the taste of Halawa. A native eastern sweet has spread worldwide and the fan follower of Halawa is huge. We the Halawa manufactures in UAE, offering all varieties Halawa all over UAE. Since our Halawa is fresh and tasty our customers come in search of our product in all the sweet shop in the country. Our ultimate motive is to make our Halawa reach every street of the UAE. Our exporters take our Halawa to all the places of the country and make sure that it had reached in the hands of our customer. Not all the customer requires the same kind of Halawa. And that’s what made us to prepare all varieties of Halawa.

Al Maeda is one of the tempting Halawa exporters for Oman & Saudi Arabia brings all the feedback of our customers to us. This is being so help for us to improve the quality and the taste of the sweet. For preparing Halawa the most important thing is the milk. Our purchase team bring the best milk from the dairy. And rest of the ingredients since bought from the best suppliers of the UAE. Quality assurance is the prominent factor in the matter of food manufacturing.

The different kind of Halawa and the ingredients that we manufacture are being listed below;

•    Halawa Plain
Halawa is a famous Arabian sweet delicacy made with sesame seed paste(Tahini) Halawa also available in different flavours like chocolate, pistachio, walnuts etc.This traditionally prepared Halawa is a rich sweet dessert made with tahini, sugar and halawa extract. Can be savored as is or served with Arabic bread.

•    Halawa with Pistachio
The delicious traditional Halawa prepared with chunks of pistachios.A Guiltless version of the traditional Halawa, it has the same exquisite taste but with less calories.Halawa has some interesting hidden health benefits given that it is essentially made of Tahini, one of the best sources of calcium.

•    Halawa with Chocolate
The delicious traditional Halawa prepared with Chocolate

Apart from the above, we do make any kind of Halawa for our customers. The most important factor that makes the customer retention is the taste. We are one of the tastiest Halawa exporters for Oman & Saudi Arabia.

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