Malban Manufacturers in UAE

Al Maeda is one of the leading Malban manufacturers in UAE and this is the most sensational sweet available in all gulf countries. The Malban is made by sugar,glucose, nuts and thickened starch. This rich sweet is very famous in arabic countries, and this famous sweet has brought a twist to the taste of UAE people. The ingredient required for making this sweet is also more. And choosing the right quality raisins and dry fruit is also most prominent. Our team of trained professional of chefs and purchase department makes all effort in finding the right product for preparing the sweet. There are many processes is underwent during the preparation of the sweet and we take so much care in every step of the process.

The Malban exporters of Oman and Saudi Arabia show so much quality in work for delivering the product us to the customer. It is not easy to gain the support of the customer. Al Maeda able to the retention their support is because of exporters who make a promising delivery to the customer at the right time. Most importantly the taste of the sweet matters, the authenticated taste from arab countries should be felt while tasting the sweet, so we make much in getting the exact recipe of the sweet from UAE.

There are numerous methods to buy our branded Malban sweet;

•    Sweet shops
Local sweet shops are where you can get the sweets very easily. To almost all major sweets shops have our Malban from our company. All sweet shops demand us to deliver more products from us. So can you avail our sweets from the nearby sweet shops?

•    Online
Many online food sites provide a good and all kind sweets. And there are some good offers in these online sites, you can make use of it and get the tastiest Malban sweets from our brand.

•    Direct source
You can buy the sweets directly from our retailers. In some places, you can find our direct source of retailers.

•    Restaurants
Many famous restaurants servers Malban in the dessert section are as a part of their cuisines. When get into the restaurant don’t forget to try this delicious Lebanon sweet.

Our team of trained professional from the export department offers a good service to many kinds of customers in delivering the products on time. If need any Malban sweets with native flavor you buy our brand from your nearby and enjoy the taste.
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