Marzipan Manufacturers in UAE

UAE is the place of all customs. In United Nation Arabs, you can get all country-based products at door step and the arabic food and desserts are not an exception. The marzipan manufacturers in UAE like us put all our effort in bring those beautiful and delightful sweets to our customers. The Marzipan is an authenticated arabic sweet which is made out of sugar, honey and almond meal. This sweet has rich almond and pistachio flavour. People come to Al Maeda because of the traditional flavour of the sweet. This is not easy to maintain, we work a lot in bringing the flavour in UAE.

The marzipan supplier UAE is our backbone in delivering the sweet to the customers. Sweets or any food items can be stored over a long time, unlike the other products. Since food products would easily get spoiled and fouled, it becomes a big to consume the product further. Eventually, it brings a great loss to us. Our suppliers are the saviour from this. They make an on-time delivery to our customers and gains more trust from them. They are acting as a bridge between us. The Marzipan lovers in UAE are very large in number and to survive in this competitive market we need to deliver a good quality product.

The major steps which involved in the manufacturing and delivery of the Marzipan;

•    Preparation
This is the initial step in every food manufacturing industries; we should have a proper and right recipe for making the food. Our experts have already worked on it and the experienced bakers in our company monitor the complete preparation of the Marzipan.

•    Quality
Since it is foreign sweet the quality check has to be done according to the Italian standards. We mix the ingredients in proper quantity. And that makes us easy for us to match the standards of the Italy and we undergo numerous quality checks to make the product more hygienic.

•    Packing

We do very careful work in packing. Our servers arrange the sweets in the packet orderly so that it will get damaged will transportation. We strictly don’t pack any sweets which are damaged.

•    Exporting
This is the final step of our process. Our exporter plays a vital role in transporting the sweets from us to the customer. Transporting and delivering it at the right time is prominent than the all.

For any requirement of native marzipan sweets, you can contact Al Maeda and our suppliers too.
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