Nogha Manufactures in UAE

Nogha is a popular Iranian noughat known to be called as gaz. This Iranian dessert is being brought all way from Iran to all the all parts UAE by us. We Al Maeda is the manufacturers of this delicious sweet Nogha contain a lot of dry fruits. The Nogha manufactures in UAE products is liked by the people all over the country. Al Maeda delivers an authenticated tasty Nogha to our customers at every range. Every day we carry out a huge task in preparing this dessert. We also take an immense care of bringing this sweet tastier and hygienic at every step of preparation. Our suppliers are also doing a great job in taking the sweet to the customers and getting a proper feedback from them.
For selling a native sweet to another place the most important factor that it should have is the taste. We get the exact recipe from the Iran and our chef ensure the mixing of the ingredients is proper and with the correct propositions. Our quality team ensures that the outcome food product is hygiene and safe to eat. We follow all the norms of the government properly in making a quality food.

There are various steps involved in exporting the sweet to the customer as mentioned below;

•    Packing
Packing is the initial step for the export. We pack the sweets in the sweet box based on the size of the box. The size of the box is directly proportional to the amount of sweets inside in the box. We also ensure that no damaged sweet is packed inside the box.

•    Exporting
Now all packed sweet boxes would be arranged in a container for the transporting purpose. Our export team analysis the amount of sweets needed to transported for a particular place and they take complete care of the products for getting into any damage while travelling.

•    Handing over
The next step is to make our sweets reach our customers. They make an on-time delivery to the shops at the specified time. The customer also raise some feedback our quires to our exporters. They spend time in listening to the feedback and bring it to us. This actually helps in improving the quality of the product.

The Nogha exporters Oman and Saudi Arabia doing a great job in exporting the Nogha sweets from Al Maeda to the Oman and Saudi region and that’s why we get more customers from that locality. For any Nogha sweet requirement for any occasion, you can contact us.

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