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    Halwa Tahinia (Nuts)
Tahini Exporters Oman & Saudi Arabia
Food manufacturing and supply is considered to be one of the most responsible jobs, since the like other products food products cannot be stored over a long time. We the tahini exporter Oman and Dubai, is doing a good service in around UAE. Tahini is the paste which is made out of sesame seeds. To gain the customer and their trust is not easy in the food industry. The taste and the quality of the food product play a vital role in this. Al Maeda delivers a quality tahini in all over UAE and always ready to take charge t serve you authentic things.

Our tahini factory UAE takes a complete care in making the quality check of the product in a good hygiene environment. We also ensure the essential nutrients and vitamins are there in the product and also it is safe for the human use. 

The factors underwent while manufacturing and exporting the tahini;

•    Raw materials
For manufacturing or exporting any product the first and fore must thing a manufacturer should check is the availability of the raw material. There should be a proper resource of the raw material available. We spend more in time in comparing the different products in the market and choose the best out of it and use it for a process.

•    Equipment
The food manufacturing industry should have an enough of well-advanced equipment for the process to be carried out. The process may consume a lot of time if it has to be done manually. So, checking for the availability of the equipment is the most important factor. And we also ensure that no damage is there in the machines, so that process will not get stopped at any moment.

•    Quality check
The quality check is mandatory in the process of manufacturing. Since the expiry date of the product is fixed based on the quality of the product. Sometimes if the quality is not done properly then it may lead to serious trouble. Our quality team ensures and test all the final product and reports immediately if any unusual result is obtained from the test.

•    Export
Our team trained professionals in the export team make an on-time delivery to the retailers. The food products needed to be delivered then and there. If there is a delay when there are more chances for the product to get expired. So exporters make an immediate delivery of the product to the retailer shop.

Tahini in Dubai is considered as one of the tastiest tahini of all. It is just because of our employee who does a great job in the production of tahini.