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Any tongue would go crazy for the ravishing flavour of the Turkish delight. This sweet is spread all over the world because of its mesmerizing taste. But not all Turkish delights are same. Only a few have the authentic Turkish delight taste. Al Maeda is the only Turkish delight manufacturer in UAE, working in United Nation Arabs over a long time in establishing the Turkish delight and making it reach into the hands of our customers. We export Authentic Turkish delight in Oman and Saudi Arabia. Preparing the Turkish delight with the native flavour is not that easy task. It requires a lot of patience and experience to make this.

Our exporters have been over a long time in getting the need of our customers and feedback too. This helps in increasing the quality of the flavour and making the sweet become more demand in the public. This sweet actually originated from turkey. So our workforce has made an immense effort in getting the exact recipe from turkey and supplying the exact authenticated Turkish delight to our customers. It not that easy get the satisfaction of a customer, the quality and taste only bring the retention. Getting the feedback from the customer makes our job still better.

Al Maeda makes almost all variety of Turkish delight as mentioned below;

Traditional Turkish delight
This is the purest Turkish delight. Like no adding of extra flavours, the authentic Turkish delight suppliers like Al Maeda comes with sugar honey and all other ingredients which are usually used while preparing the Turkish delight. Every mouth would water once this dessert would keep before the eyes. The tongue would go to speechless for a moment and make you get lost with its mesmerizing taste.

Pistachio Turkish delight
We understand value of your tongue thus give a twisted taste there are roasted pistachios being hidden in the Turkish delight. This pistachio adds more flavour to the delight and makes the taste more delicious. Pistachio naturally has some flavour and now with the combination of the sweet, the taste gets double the time better.

Nuts Turkish delight
If you are a nut lover then you will love the taste of this nut Turkish delight. Almond, cashew, walnut, and pistachios are stuffed inside the Turkish delight.  After the traditional Turkish delight, this is the highly sold sweet.

Al Maeda has spread our service all over the UAE; if you’re looking for a traditional native flavoured Turkish delight then we are the right person to be contacted.

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